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About This Site

The impetus for this site came after I read an article in on the website about how conservative columnist Ann Coulter had wrote a column about the September 11 terrorist attacks. The article said how Ann Coulter wrote about invading Muslim nations, "killing their leaders and converting them to Christianity" in response to the terror attacks. Numerous cable news networks talked about her column and Ann Coulter was a frequent guest on numerous political talk shows. In her talk shows she flaunted her bigotry by glorifying racial profiling and to some effect implying that she condones hatred towards Arabs and Muslims in the wake of September 11. Many people viewing this site think I might be of Middle-Eastern descent or a follower of the Islamic faith. I am neither. I am a Roman Catholic of mixed descent (Irish, Hungarian, and American Indian). I do, however have close friends who are Middle Eastern and Muslim and after seeing them fall victim to negative stereotypes and bigotry, this sort of sent me into a fury. I began doing some research on Ann Coulter and it didn't take long to figure out that Ann Coulter is a bigot, snob, and most of all, a total bitch who espouses a far right fascist agenda for the United States. She puts down anyone who does not agree with her views along with liberals or people of different ethnic and/or religious backgrounds, especially people of Middle Eastern or Muslim origin. Also her ideas are blatantly against the very ideas of freedom of speech and religion as well as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, ideas that ALL Americans hold so dear and sacred. Look around my site, read her quotes, and see what I mean. Also, if you're interested, see what others have said about Ann Coulter's outrageous columns so you can see exactly what it is that made me set this site up.

The fact that Ann Coulter writes columns for conservative websites may make some people think I hate conservatives. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have nothing against conservatives as I myself have a variety of views that are perceived as either conservative or liberal. What I do have a problem with are people who hide behind, no, twist the ideals of conservatism to further their bigotry. Doing so only tarnishes the meaning of conservatism as well as American values. Furthermore it drives a wedge between conservatives, moderates, and liberals rather than bringing them together to build a better United States of America.